Saturday, December 31, 2011


2011 was uncomfortably introspective.

I'm not sure it's possible to plan any kind of wedding without feeling selfish and disappointing some people. I still feel like a buoy bobbing in the jetski wake of such an us-focused year. A few weeks ago, Nick and I got into it about our holiday cards. The last thing I wanted was to subject our families to more of our smug faces, and I'd already found some darling letterpress Feliz Navidad cards on Etsy. Nick was excited about sending a photo and I couldn't really articulate my disdain without just sounding like a cranky asshole (They turned out cute.)

In 2012, I want to toast others' successes and disappear into my own boring interests. Also, I insist on seeing the ocean on a hot day. It's been so long.


  1. Your card made us giggle.

    The water is chilly even in August, but you're welcome to come see our ocean anytime.

  2. I'm declaring 2012 The Year of Ana. So watch out.