Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tuesday unplugged

It's strange how you can live with someone and still manage not to spend very much time with them at all.

Money is tight these days, so Nick and I haven't been going out much. Still, we find ourselves missing each other from three feet away.

So Tuesday night we had an evening together without television, the Internet, or our smart phones. Like being grounded. On purpose. For fun.

We walked to the noodle shop to pick up takeout and ate in bed on trays. Nick passed out and I read my book. Before bed, we bundled up and walked our recyclables a few blocks to the bin in the dark chill, and took the long way home.

After a day of work/school/housework/cooking/the gym, we are quick to throw something on Netflix Instant and, side by side, dive into our computers. I would call us creatures of habit rather than tech addicts, but sometimes the pattern deserves revisiting.

Also? An evening of sipping beer in bed, reading, and a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood is far from self-deprivation. In fact, it feels like vacation.


  1. We've been doing that every now and then and it's BLISS. Shaking it up. Looking around.

    You need the habit so you can recharge, but it also helps you appreciate the uncommon.

  2. i love this and will have to share this idea with my techy man partner, for sure. unplugging-so hard to do. but so nice!