Monday, January 23, 2012

Baby steps

Some cursory Googling has revealed to me about how much I should be looking to spend for even a used or refurbished camera of the quality I was seeking SO I've been spooked right back into point-and-shoot land. I think that's what's best for someone in my tax bracket, ha. Maybe the first step is just to commit to taking more pictures.

I do not come from shutter-happy stock, there is little photographic evidence of me after I crossed the threshold from cute to gawky, which, fine. Saved a lot of unnecessary documentation of my not-adorable Adolescent Sartorial Expression.

Nick's mom takes pictures like it's an extension of her physical person, as natural as breathing. I could stand to take a page out of her book. I asked her for a photo from last summer and she mailed me a whole disc of photos from 2011, including these two. I don't ever take pictures of Nick and I together, because, how, and to a lesser extent, why. (I take A LOT of pictures of him across the table from me at dinner. Seriously in 20 years I will be able to create a flip book of Nick getting old at dinner.) So I do appreciate when someone else documents that we spend time together, often while enjoying the other's company. Ha.

Dinner at our apartment shortly after we moved in.

We ran some errands near our wedding venue last summer so Nick's mom asked if we could visit it. Ah, moms.


  1. this may be a little weird, seeing as i have been reading your blog for a little while (probably found it while looking for wedding blogs; i'm getting married this coming summer) but i don't think i've ever commented... but if you are interested, i would like to give you my old dlsr. when i say old, i mean this thing has less megapixels than an iphone (still enough to make serviceable prints, though, imho). it was given to me, already used, as a birthday present ten years ago, and it is without a doubt the camera that made me a photographer. what i mean is, it may not be fancy (anymore), but it has good juju. it's a canon eos d30 (not to be confused with the less-ancient 30d). i took great photos with it right through 2010-- since then it's been sadly languishing on a shelf. i would love for it to see some more action. i have a battery and charger for it, and i can probably dig up a CF card. i'll throw in the kit lens from my new camera, which i'll probably never use. let me know if you're interested; you can email me at

  2. i'd just like to say, if you're ever going to get me a coffee table book for christmas, i'm really hoping it's "nick, getting old at dinner". thank you.