Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I've been doing some weekly reading mentoring with a 6-year-old who is so cute she looks like a cartoon. Kid's eyes take up half her head. Ridiculous. Today I had to break it to her that people are animals.

D: It's weird they put a picture of a boy on this page [about animals that walk].
Me: But boys are animals! And so are girls.
D, pitying my stupidity: You think people are made of animals?
Me: Definitely.
D, gently: Um, let's...get back to reading.

I have a made-up theory that passionate young readers will basically be okay in life. Not rich or accomplished necessarily, but empathetic and clever. Thoughts?


  1. Very much agreed! But then again, I'm a pretty voracious reader myself, and have been since I was a nerdy loner child so...yep. Nothing makes my eyes glaze over more than people who claim that they hate to read/don't have time to read anything that isn't a magazine. Good on you for volunteering, that sounds fun!

  2. I not only agree with you, but I'm pretty certain that there must be some kind of science or facts that support this hypothesis. Reading (and understanding) is so important for the development of critical thinking.

  3. YES about young readers. If you can rely on books, you got it.

  4. Totally. Most people I meet that I cannot get along with are not readers.