Thursday, January 19, 2012


My point-and-shoot did a not-terrible job on the Inca trail

I think I want to buy a good camera.

I thought I would be buying a new bed and a new computer this winter, but we lucked out. My three year old HP laptop went gently into that good night last August and we've been sharing Nick's laptop for home use (sometimes at the expense of domestic harmony). Our bed's been reanimated (thanks, Nick) and my mother-in-law gave us her doornail-dead laptop over the holidays to "see if we can get it to do anything". Nick laid hands on the old Acer laptop and drove the demons out (the power of Nick compels you!) and now I have a fully functioning, dare I say, zippy little laptop. Steve Holt!

And now, because I'm not super bright, I feel like I have EXTRA MONEY for FUN THINGS.

While I'm busy laying bare my mortal flaws to the whole of the internet, I might as well admit that I'm impulsive and could stand to have a bit more follow through. I have started like 10 blogs on various topics (fonts, vocabulary, geolocation to name a few) and abandoned them to wither as one-post castaways. I recorded one episode of a web series of interviews with my friends. I have a moped I haven't ridden in a year. And then there's that as-yet-uncompleted graduate degree.

Despite my record of dilettantism, I'm so moved by the photographic eye of friends and strangers alike I'm just bursting to take better photos. However, my little Canon is completely serviceable and times are lean and having abstained from purchasing isn't the same as free money at all.


  1. You are a doll. A real doll!

  2. We're plugging away at some financial goals but I've managed to insert the need for a real camera in there. I've always wanted one and I think now is the time. But our camera does WORK. And I probably shouldn't. Or should I?

  3. Hello stranger!

    I discovered your nice link a little while ago but I'm only just now figuring out how to comment (maybe? I've had one failed attempt so far; I'm an idiot), so, thank you for your kind words, madame!

    If you haven't yet dropped a chunk of change on a pricey DSLR I don't blame you. But I will say that ooo, girl, it's worth it! As is some nice editing software -- Lightroom is basically the only reason my photos ever look nice.

    In conclusion, I really like your blog and I'm going to go read the rest of it now, okay thanks.

    1. Just now saw this comment! I am a terrible blog housekeeper. I am still without DSLR but we'll see...I do super love the portraits you take.