Saturday, January 21, 2012


The weekend after New Year's I organized a cabin trip with friends. We'd done something similar more than 2 years ago (the origin of this photo) and that weekend pops into my head all the time unexpectedly and makes me laugh out loud (often by myself).

Almost everyone invited was able to go which meant there were EIGHTEEN ladies caravaning to Hocking Hills for the weekend. Can you imagine? I tacked on cost of food to each person's cabin share and doing the shopping on that scale was a riot. Ana and I felt like commune wives pushing 9 dozen eggs, 16 pounds of canned beans, etc. around the store. "It looks like we're shopping for our 25 alcoholic children," I said, watching our formidable groceries and liquor mosey down the cashier's conveyor belt.

You know, it was an uproarious, undramatic great time. We had a talent show (I did a dramatic reading of my high school LiveJournal entries..), a bracketed arm wrestling contest, hiked Old Man's Cave, fenagled some dubiously safe nighttime ziplining through the forest. All while laughing at a socially inappropriate volume.

Pretty sure I can't wait another two years for it to happen again. Summer?


  1. "I did a dramatic reading of my high school LiveJournal entries..."

    Oh, how I wish I'd seen that!

    1. Yeah, I've been oversharing on the internet for a long time.

  2. Summer for sure! God, that was fun.