Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I love my veggies, but they're tricky. They're not nearly as handy as fruit. I once had a statuesque, silvery-blonde German friend who had a habit of nonchalantly pulling a huge carrot out of her purse mid-conversation and going at it, Bugs Bunny style. I found it so distracting and endearingly weird that I would forget the thrust of our conversation and just start laughing. She would get so mad. "It's not funny to eat a carrot!" Oh, but it is, Anna.

My 2012 resolution is to eat more vegetables, full stop.


  1. That is an awesome visual.

    Eat more veggies is on my new years list too. I actually think I eat enough veggies, but I eat a lot of sweets too. Instead of committing to eat less of sugar, I'm hoping that more vegetables will be adequate at addressing that. Excuse me while I replace the cookies in my bag with carrots.

  2. HA. she sounds swell.

    i like your resolution.