Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Here's love.

I went to a show on the west side in a crumbling warehouse on Friday. It had a "sweethearts' dance" theme. Now, I would claim to have helped make the decorations for it, but I mostly spent the weeknight reserved for the task mashing colored tissue paper to pulp between my sweaty paws. Dumbfounded while my friends managed to crease and snip with cool precision, forging modest crepe paper into great bright peonies, cardboard into Pinterest-worthy (ha) garlands. By the time I made it to the show, Ana had already managed to stud the walls with "our" creations armed with just a broken latter and some tape. I hustled back and forth within the warehouse, eyeballing our progress from a distance, making certain things were centered (but not too centered, of course).

We must not have looked terribly helpless in our heels and bomber jackets and outside voices, me with the beer in the crook of my elbow as we tried to spot each other on the wobbly ass ladder. A room full of dudes smoking and looking bored and not one of 'em offered to help out. OH HEY DON'T WORRY, guys, we got this, ya nobs. Friends kept appearing in the crowd and we would happily shout over the music into each other's faces, baring our teeth like dogs, our gamey breath stolen instantly by the cold, thank God. I didn't stay to see the band I came for, because my feet were numb in my shoes and I'd been up since 7. My tracks in the snow back to my car disappeared in the eager storm nearly as soon as I could make them.

When Nick came home from bowling at 3 a.m., he woke me up to bear hug my guts out despite this historically being the worst idea ever. (Panic! Confusion! Swearing! Tears!) Ah, that guy. Can't help himself. Gonna accidentally get his eyes clawed out one day.

Sunday breakfast happened at 1:30 p.m. because we are ourselves, unfortunately. I used to find Nick's love of hot chocolate juvenile and unsettling but I have come to find it endearing. Dude has the sweet tooth of a pre-diabetic 6-year-old and God help me, I find it cute. In Peru, he ordered hot chocolate at every restaurant and bodega we ever stopped at (vacation!) and they were all just so good. I got a sip of every specimen (about all the hot chocolate I will ever need at one time) and each was complex and silky and a little spicy.

Today is Tuesday. I like Tuesdays these days. No meetings typically, and I volunteer in the mornings way across town which means my workday starts an hour late and the minutes after lunch seem to evaporate. Usually, I go to spinning class at the Y after work which gives me an endorphin high such that on the walk home I earnestly wonder to myself "I wonder if there is a way to call everyone that I love at once?!" (P.S. There is not.)

This cupcake was on my desk today at work when I arrived! Thanks, enabling coworkers, you beautiful people. Today is also Valentine's Day which has always been a pretty fun day for me. I have been serially coupled up since I was 15 (which, um, let me worry about what that says about me) and always with decent if not downright great dudes. I think tonight me and the old man will be ordering pizza and steering clear of the idiot box. Or not, because how great is television? Staring dreamily into anyone's eyes has always given me the heebs, really.


  1. This is beautifully written.

    Our Valentine's plans included making tacos(as we do every Tuesday),play video games (me) and hanging out on MechWarrior message boards (him). It was a pretty awesome day.

  2. Yaaaaay! I'm glad you got a shot of the hearts. Belated Happy Gal-entine's Day and I wuv you!!!

  3. I heart you.

    And I also love spinning class. Next month I'm going to go ahead and buy them, because boy howdy, that endorphin high is something fierce.