Saturday, February 25, 2012


We've taken (are taking!) our sweet time getting the apartment set up. I have no excuse except...that it doesn't bother me very much? It helps that it has 'good bones', so I don't mind the way it looks even with bare walls and odd plastic bins and piles everywhere. This place has zero built-in storage so we can't even hide everything until we want to deal with it.

We swore the second bedroom (which we can't pretend doesn't exist as its huge curtainless windows face the street) would be presentable in time for Nick's brother's visit this weekend and I really think it might be.

We finally got around to updating and framing our awesome scratch-off world map. (Thanks, Mark and Michelle, it remains awesome.) I know the next country to be revealed, too! Nick's presenting at a conference in Portugal in August, and I'm hoping to tag along. Because the youngest child in me just can't bear it when everyone's having fun without me, ha. So it looks like I'll be seeing the ocean on a hot day after all.


  1. I want a scratch off map now. So badly.