Thursday, March 15, 2012


You'd think I never leave our apartment, for how much I write about it. It's hard not to think of houses as big silent characters in my life. Our apartment curls up around me like a pet: cozy, needy, falling apart but basically blameless. Sometimes when I come across an old photograph, I can't help but stare past unlined faces and bad haircuts and get torn up by the sight of familiar wallpaper or an avocado-colored sink. Those elements that become invisible when you live among them. I guess I miss them. Orrrr I should maybe get out more?

This address has played host to a lot of faces lately, first to my brother-in-law and his friend, then to my friends weekending in the Buckeye State, and yesterday we had a pie competition in honor of pi day. It's been awesome and lively and it's left us well-fed and only a little bit exhausted.

Dear everyone, you're welcome here all the time always. Make this homebody feel social.

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