Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring breaking

My gracious host in Portland, Jon.

I went to the Northwest hoping to reset my routine-weary heart to factory settings. I more or less booked a flight the day I quit my job and sent Jon a message along the lines of "so this is happening.."

He is effusive about his adopted home and it endeared both him and the city itself to me very much. Aw. My stoic friend is in love.

I have way more to say about my long weekend but! I landed back in Columbus a few hours ago and Nick met me at the gate (holding a mushy sign, which I about smacked out of his hands in embarrassment but no, it was sweet. Also, I realized I have never once met him at the gate, I am always circling passenger pick-up impatiently. Oops.)

We got home and he eagerly showed me all the work he's done in the yard (including making a compost bin, swoon) and we caught up about the last few days (three hour time difference was enough to never quite catch each other on the phone.)

I was so relieved to be away. I am so glad to be home.

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  1. i hope to hear more about this amazing trip. and nick's a winner.