Saturday, May 12, 2012


 I will say one thing about May the ninth, you can depend on the weather to be beautiful in my neck of the woods. Maybe you'll get a cloudburst mid-day, but that will only serve to make the world glow Technicolor green and send rainbows all arcing back and forth. You don't get to pick what day you're born, but I am pretty pleased with how it worked out.

The night before my birthday, Nick and I set out to reclaim his bike from campus. He'd got caught in a lightning storm a few weeks back and found a safer way home. Since then, he's been using a different bike (having a million bikes solves/creates problems) and it's stayed shackled all by its lonesome to a university bike rack lo these many weeks. I was nagging him about it (like, maybe in the not so distant past a bike that was left locked up on campus was no longer there when its rescue detail finally came for it?) and he said "Fine, let's get it. I'll ghost-ride it home." So we set out on our bikes in the balmy dark and sure enough, Nick was able to ghost-ride it two miles back to our apartment. I followed closely behind, tickled as hell that he was pulling it off but holding my breath in case I jinxed the whole thing by acknowledging it out loud. We dropped the third bike off at home and then rode over to a favorite spot for pumpkin quesadillas and a whiskey-gingerale with a wedge of lime for me (with Bulleit, not well whiskey, because BIRTHDAY).

The next evening, a few friends came over to stare at this beast of a fire and stick some marshmallows in it. Even Pistol, my god-dog, was feeling festive. I really like when whip-smart, lovely people carry on as usual despite sporting a goatee of marshmallow, essentially.

After our friends had parted, and despite feeling bratty about it, I told Nick that I had hoped he was would give me a guitar. (This was based on a few conversations we've had over the past month.) To my relief, this did not ruffle him one bit because he is not a fragile daisy. He'd thought about getting me one but didn't think I'd want something so personal picked out for me.

The next day, we went out and I picked out a lovely auburn-colored guitar and we came home and enjoyed some of the little round vegan birthday cake we'd completely forgotten about in the fridge the day before.

Not to get too carried away here, but I'm glad I mentioned the guitar instead of moping about feeling misunderstood. Women are encouraged to coyly imply, imply, imply and never make things plain. The worst thing that can happen by being honest about your desires is that you could get what you want. And you will still be surprised. No one can design a life free of surprises, thankfully. Maybe a wizard could. A wizard I would not want to hang out with.


  1. yeah, fuck that wizard man.

    let's have a jam session when i visit! my guitar is living at my dad's house so this is a totally plausible idea:)

  2. That's an AWESOME birthday! Happy day, lady!