Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rodents of unusual size

A weird transitional time in my life. (Not a poem! Just sometimes I think with 
line breaks)
with my best friend where we dance in the ship's fake/real hold
and strangers ask me if I have drugs
and I think "Cool! I still look like I might have drugs!"
but I leave early
I don't know why? I'm having fun.
I phone Nick
(dude is a stickler about me wearing my helmet
due to: your brain is what makes you a person)
but I went without
(can't mess up my carefully constructed Frida Kahlo flower crown!)
so I agreed to give him a heads up so he knew when to expect me
and my intact head 
and he whispers I'm in the yard
there's a mama raccoon and some babies
hurry home
oh they're so cute 
and I know they'll be gone
by the time I get there
but I race home
baby raccoons!
and fall asleep earlier than I do on weeknights
without even washing off my unibrow

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