Sunday, July 22, 2012


My creation
Polaroids from our Blue Ridge Mountains road trip, 2008

Nick is back, but takes off again on Wednesday to present at back-to-back conferences. First in Chicago, then in Lisbon.

I'll join him in Lisbon on the last day of his conference and then the plan is to take a train to the south coast and do nothing, hopefully while looking at/standing in the Mediterranean. Maybe eat some egg tarts? If we can fit those into our schedule. Hard to say.

Graduate school is a strange dwelling space, a juggling act of ego and humility. You might collaborate on research with the top scholar in your field, while working out of a windowless rabbit warren of an office that you share with 8 people. You might be accepted to speak at an international conference, while earning a poverty-line wage.

Well-meaning people have tried to stoke my crankiness about being married to a PhD student, but I see Nick now more than I did when he was working nights and he is basically tickled that he gets to research spatial inequality for a living. School won't last forever, but I am not wishing away the next few years. Somehow we're able to make ends meet, and with a little austerity and planning, still do shit like run off to Europe.


  1. You need to clear that packed schedule to fit in more egg tarts. And sea food! Jeez.