Sunday, July 29, 2012


This guy comes to stay with me pretty often these days, his people are in high demand for out-of-town weddings and other family functions. I like having him around to snap me out of spells of sluggish melancholy, especially when Nick is away. We go for neighborhood walks, or more accurately, pissing tourism. I sit on the back stoop with my book in my left hand, my right hand extended to receive the nasty, deflated basketball that I throw again and again and again. It's a little sunnier with him around.

For the most part, I get excited when people ask me for favors (like petsitting). I like to feel helpful. I get a ten ton knot of anxiety when I need to ask favors of others, though. If I ask someone to help and I hear even a ghost of hesitation in their voice, I start unasking them out of guilt. Basically, if Nick or my brother aren't available to help out, I panic. You know, super emotionally intelligent, evolved behavior here, ha.

I need to remember that my friends, like me, don't mind lending a hand.


  1. "pissing tourism" -- i love that.

  2. I'm good at the helping, bad at the asking for it.

    And your words are always spot-on.

  3. Clarly I'm way behind on my reader but better late than never right?

    Funny I read this today of all days because today I put myself out there and asked a favor, which is incredibly hard for me to do as well. And the favor (appropriately enough) was to look after our dog over christmas. And I got turned down. Commence wound licking.

    So glad to hear you get joy out of dog sitting. Makes those of us who ask it feel a little better. Maybe. I'll try and remember it as I get up the courage to ask the next person.