Wednesday, August 1, 2012


It seems like I make frequent note in this space about admittedly unremarkable encounters with wildlife, so here's another. Nick was home for a few days last week, and we were on one of our long ass late night walks around the neighborhood.

It's the way we check in with each other these days, not that it's a duty, it's pleasant as hell. We are..not..great about sitting down at the table for dinner together, or even eating dinner at the same time, given our occasionally discordant schedules. Also, yeah usually we eat on the couch while watching episodes of Home Movies. In a previous life, Nick would be just waking up as I was getting off work and we had our best conversations at the diner where we spent much of the early days of our relationship. But dining out is expensive and diner food, well, they don't call them "healthy-spoons", do they?

The sun sets so late this time of year, as I'm writing this it's past 9 and the sky is a little pearly still. As we were walking, something looped low through my field of vision, crashing into the tree lawn. I stopped quick, and searched the grass with my eyes. "It was a leaf", Nick said, but I knew it had a weight to it, that it was alive. Sure enough we could just make out a little bat shifting around in the grass. I will admit that a grounded bat is a little unsettling. I feel the same way about those algae-sucker fish? that camp out half-submerged in aquariums, get back under the water, would you? You don't belong out here!

I've seen plenty of bats dipping through the canopy in my life, but never up close. Its outline kept slipping in and out of our view, a dark bat on the dark ground in the darkening night. We hadn't brought our phones and so had no searchlights, and just as well. I admit that I found its weird little face kind of ghoulish though Nick found it cute. I named it Bat Stevens, and we just sort of stared at it for a few minutes before eventually heading home.

A woman with a big dog passed us as we walked and we looked at each other, like, "Oh no! Bat Stevens!" but kept walking. Little dude has wings, right?

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  1. My husband and I do this with fox. We are constantly on the lookout during out evening strolls and have exchanged stares with quite a few in our little borough.