Friday, August 31, 2012

Grant me vision

I hate recapping trips! I don't know why. It feels boring. "We did a thing. Then another thing." But Nick and I went to Nashville. The two of us could have fun in a labor camp basically, so spending time in energetic, friendly Nashville was a riot.

I think I need to go to museums alone, I find them overwhelming. What usually happens is after reading every diacritical mark of every plaque for the first thirty minutes, I burn out and start blowing through exhibits with abandon. So after parting with the $20 ticket price for the Country Music Museum, because that's was the activity chosen by my party, I was cheered by the thought that they might have Gram Parsons' Nudie suit.  I tried not to get my hopes up, it could be in the Rock N Roll Hall of fame, it could be tied up with jute and sage and buried at Joshua Tree for all I know. But there it was! I stared at it for a while then when back to find Nick who was moving through the museum at an infuriating Nick pace. "I found it! Come look at it!" "I'll get there." What a monster. Look at it though. Gram was a such a slight fellow!

We bought cowboy boots because we are Tourists from the North. 

I matched tankards of beer with Nick's stepdad while my mother-in-law and sister-in-law sipped white wine with restraint.

And we even found a secret pool off the highway on our way home! It's a rule of ours to always pack a swimsuit on overnight trips, even if it doesn't seem applicable. Man is this Midwestern lady fond of a soupy olive-oil colored lake on a hot day.

Nick's family is just so kind. They've made me feel welcome among them since the very first time we met. When Nick fell asleep immediately upon arriving at their house, and I was a one-lady-show with my boyfriends' parents for five straight hours. That happened.

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  1. I miss you, Evie. For your labor-camp-fun-loving, olive-oil-soup-lake-swimming awesome self.

    Shall we hang out marathon weekend??