Sunday, September 30, 2012


Not sure how we found time to build a prize wheel for a community festival, (not) keep up with laundry, and roast these apricots liberated from a rogue apricot tree near my office. Now let's sit down for ohh a year.

This summer was busy, and alarmingly hot. There were days where the city was just...soup. It was very much a life lived in soup there for a while. After wading through the chowder of our workdays, we'd often end up away for the entire weekend. (Sometimes we absconded to places with central air, in case you thought I was complaining.) We'd return Sunday past bedtime, sometimes so late it was actually Monday.  It can be distracting in a good way to have so much going on, but it does wear. And I'm worn.

I've been so busy lately that in my head it's still summer, despite the fact that a yellow leaf smacked me square in the forehead last week as it fell from a sycamore overhead. Summer is the busiest season after all, and I haven't yet slowed.

I've repurposed this quote from the Life Aquatic before, but I find myself thinking: I hate busy people, I never wanted to be one.

Now, to loaf.

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  1. A yellow leaf found its way down my shirt in columbus yesterday. Those OSU leaves are bold, man.