Wednesday, September 12, 2012

N.O., LA

Back from New Orleans! Nick's cousin was married in a candlelit outdoor ceremony at this spooky-chic old religious mission in the Garden District. The clouds rolled in like a blue-gray tide as we sat for the ceremony. "It's good luck!" we all said as it started to rain. "It's a sign!" we all said as the rain cleared up just ten minutes later. It was more of a dolled-up mingling type of reception, but we weren't going to let the jazz band go to waste. Mama's little baby loves shortnin', shortnin'...They played faster and faster until my toes bled, cut time, double cut time!, then so slow we nearly fell over trying to stay upright. Looves shooooortnin' breeead, slow motion. Ah, Nick, may we be the only dummies on the dance floor for many years to come.

As the clouds made good on their promise, Nick said to me, almost apologetically, "Hey, if it really starts to pour later, I'm going to get in that pool. I..hope that's okay." Ha! I had been planning how soon it would be...not acceptable per se, but not shitty..... to jump in the pool fully clothed.

A drunk bridesmaid beat us to it, which made the idea lose some sparkle. We stayed dry and made our way back to the hotel, where I charged some voodoo-flavored (?) Zapp's chips and a microwavable pizza to our room. Then I woke up approximately 80 times during the night and remembered why it is I don't drink that much anymore.

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