Sunday, September 16, 2012

"Some things that have happened" or "My consumerism, myself"

 For example, I wear an iteration of this, minus hiking boots, constantly.

1. We did a lot of running around this summer and I only packed the same five things each time. I realized this is because I really only own five things I ever want to wear.

2. I saw my grandma the other week as she was recovering from surgery. She mentioned how often her family, all seven of them, had to move when she was young. Moving so much wasn't fun, but it was simple. They had a credenza with seven drawers, each person's earthly possessions excepting clothing limited to one drawer each. When it was time to move: grab your stuff out of the drawer, and move. I'm not romanticizing life during the Depression but there is an appeal to being unbound by Stuff, is there not?

3. I stopped buying cheap shoes last year. The last of my disposable Target footwear is nigh unto death. I've been seeking out stylish, good quality, comfortable shoes online and then finding coupon codes or waiting for sales. I had hoped it would save me money in the long term, and it has, but I didn't know it would feel like such a relief.

4. I put all the clothes that I haven't worn in years or that never quite fit right into a bag to be donated. The pile isn't unsubstantial.

5. Our toaster oven broke a few months ago and I talked Nick into getting one that was $15 more expensive but prettier. I hate appliances on the counter full stop, I said, so can't we get the less offensive one?

6. My grandma, in her own way a tomboy to this day, loved dungaree overalls as a girl. Though they were meant for boys, and costly, she said her father always found a way to afford replacing hers once she outgrew a pair.

8. I still feel terrible at money, but I do feel better at it than I used to, even better than just a year ago.


  1. I'm having a lot of these same thoughts myself lately. Especially with the shoe thing, mostly. Expensive nice ones just last so much longer, and are so much more comfortable. Though I did recently buy some target shoes and meant to return them but we used the shoebox and wrote on it, so I guess I can't do that now. Hmm.

  2. I have those hiking boots. I feel cooler now knowing you do, too.

    I am making a "goodwill bag" today, after buying gap outlet/thrift store clothes recently. One in, at least one out. There is no possible way I need more clothes than I already have.

    Also, are you spitting your gum into the ocean?

    1. More like I am trying to figure out what to do with my hands because I know my friend is about to take a photo of me, ha.

  3. I recently bought three pairs of shoes that, even at sale prices, were $90 and up. And every day since I've kind of wanted to hyperventilate a little bit. Up until this point my modus operandi has been to purchase the cheapest, most paper-thin-soled flats I could find and cross my fingers that they could 1) make it through a season and 2) that I'd never have to walk or stand in them for any more than a couple hours at a time because, oh my god, talk about zero arch support.

    It was my upcoming trip to Europe (bougie alert!) that prompted me to actually do the research to find quality shoes that suit my shitty wide bunion-addled feet. Because, you know. All that walking! My cheapo vinyl and poly cardboard shoes would be thrashed to bits on those old cobblestone streets.

    It was also that I've been wanting to do this kind of thing, to try to INVEST in what I buy. Which sounds like some kind of privileged blogger tutorial (WOULD YOU EVER INVEST IN FOOTWEAR?) but it's also kind of responsible. I also like the fact that instead of churning through crappy shoes every few months, I'd be hanging onto them for years. Less waste, smaller footprint, latte, yoga pants, DIY mumbo jumbo.

    PS Your grandma sounds awesome.

    1. Oh my god, you too with the bunions? It's the worst.

      My shoe recommendation is Indigo by Clark's? I have two pairs now and they are well-made and stupid comfortable. And cute.

    2. Awesome, I am bookmarking that for future reference. I've been pleased with a German company called Reiker Antistress -- only gotten gladiator sandals so far, but I'm impressed.