Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Nick's cousin Doug uploaded some pictures from the wedding we all attended in New Orleans last month, including this one. I realized that he had captured me in the act of taking this photo from this post.

Something about this documentation makes me dizzy. We get married so we can take pictures of ourselves when other people are getting married so others may take pictures of us taking pictures of ourselves married at a marriage thing. And then upload to the internet. To be tagged and multiplied, to live and die in a near-strangers' newsfeed.

That reminds me, we ran into an acquaintance of Nick's the other week whom we hadn't seen in years. "Hey you guys got married didn't you?" "Yeah! We did. Last September." "So then why aren't you FAT YET."

After a beat, what felt like a brief but painful lifetime of scrambling to respond, we did this, like, simultaneous pliĆ©? and sputtered in unison, "HUHHHH WE'RE WORKIN' ON IT!" She snapped her gum. "You guys rehearse that?" Us, emptily, "No."

P.S. The New Orleans wedding was gorgeous and fun and is in no way associated with this bleak mood I seem to be stricken with! Ha.