Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunshine Superman

Besides the odd 50F day that mercurial Ohio and climate change conspire to toss my way every few weeks, I have accepted that it won't feel like spring for at least 2 months. It's hasn't been so bad. Just when the world outside gets particularly gray and dead and feelings-hurtingly-cold, we seem to get a cheering coat of snow.

And even though I can be a gloomy sort ("I think it's crass to hear this song at a Sephora given it's to be played at my funeral"), I have been where all of the sunshine is hiding. I got it all here inside my coat.

Last week I honestly couldn't concentrate during a meeting because I was distracted by how in love I am with my husband. Gross! I know. I recounted this to Nick. "Well I definitely believe you couldn't concentrate during a meeting..."

Erin gave birth to a baby boy early Wednesday morning. I think we can all agree that newborns can often be yellowish, undercooked little goblins that take a few weeks to "cure" into maximum cuteness. But this little guy!  Baby Liam is like a babydoll with a round little flawless face. He's small, with treefrog legs and little drop of jam for a mouth and just the faintest cap of golden hair. I stared at him for at least an hour as I held him. I hope to stare at him some more soon. His parents were almost narcotically serene when I visited the three of them, if they were sleep deprived (they were), or in pain (she was) they could have fooled the hell out of me.

Nick's been trying to get the gym more this semester and we recently learned that Ohio State's gorgeous enormous spaceship of a recreation facility is open to family members Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This means group fitness classes, pools, saunas, hot tubs, splash pools, lap pools, racquetball courts are available to us all weekend. A few Saturdays ago we sat in the warm water of the splash pool watching the snow fall gently from inside the great glass cube. I am pretty sure I raised both of my arms and shouted "yes!"

Room by room we've been purging unnecessary stuff and working to make our space more beautiful, functional, and energy efficient (to the extent we can as renters). Yesterday I bought this beautiful (hideous) 70s wrap sweater with slightly belled sleeves at the Winter Flea and it made me want to never again buy something unless I like it that much. I find both stark, minimal spaces and ornate busy folk art mini-museums to be very beautiful. We are trying to strike a balance between our home feeling "cold" (not literally because it is literally cold ALL the time because it has the original Victorian windows so very very cold, you guys) and "insane". We tend to err on the side of insane, but we're getting better.

What is with me and this sweater, by the way? It's hanging on our bedroom doorknob until I can get it cleaned and every time I walk past it I want to gush "oh, hi!".

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  1. Sweater lussssst, I am familiar with your familiar feelings.

    I like you, in case you were wondering what our status was.