Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Having stuff in the summer

We're in line at the grocery store, making sure I have enough cash for our six-pack because our accounts are temporarily restricted. Sixty dollars cash is what we have for the next couple of days, lucky, because I usually never carry cash.

Me, surveying the weary masses of grocery shoppers in line: You know, I would rather get robbed* with you than have to talk to another person for like...two minutes.
Nick: You would rather get robbed than talk to....Claire?
(We had just run into Claire in the produce section)
Me: Claire isn't "other people".

I can't think of a better time of year to be temporarily cut off from ATMs or electronic access to money. Or a better time to have been robbed of all media delivery devices. Not that there's a good time. A "least bad" time?

Because summer days are long. Because we've already watched every show ever. Because we sit at screens all day, it's profane we use them at night in the first place. Because there's some Bombay Sapphire in the cabinet. Because the backyard is chirping and alive. Because we can bike where we need to go, no sense filling up the tank. Because the pictures on our hard drives are lost forever but the moments were dying before we thought to capture them. Because we are the proof of our lives, not our photographs. Because when was the last time we played cards. Because it's just stuff.

*burgled, actually. We are fine. Less stuff to keep clean, right?


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  2. "Because we are the proof of our lives, not our photographs. "

    Your words are always so beautiful.

  3. Could not agree more... but I'm still following your previous advice to back up all my photographs.

  4. I feel the same way about screens on summer nights. <3

  5. <3. The things you write are so true.

  6. I <3 this so much. Soooo much.